Offering High Quality Child Care To All Families

Each program at RCC has its own dedicated space. All rooms are secure, bright, well-lit, and full of age-appropriate, developmentally stimulating materials. Each classroom environment has been to promote active learning and carefully arranged so that it:

  • Is welcoming to children
  • Provides enough materials for all the children
  • Allows children to find, use and return materials independently
  • Encourages different types of play
  • Allows the children to see and easily move through all the areas of the classroom or center
  • Is flexible, so children can extend their play by bringing materials from one area to another
  • Provides materials that reflect the diversity of children’s family lives

RCC boasts age-appropriate outdoor play areas that include a state-of-the-art playground with a bike path and a swimming pool, sandbox and separate fenced-in nursery playground. Children spend at least 30 minutes outside every day, enjoying vigorous and often noisy play in the fresh air. Children run, climb, roll, jump, yell and sing with energy. They experience the wonders of nature, including collecting, gardening, and examining wildlife. In the winter, children gear up for snow play. We are outside every day year-round except when severe weather or unsafe conditions keep us indoors.

RCC’s facilities were constructed in 1979, expanded in 1992 and 2000, and developed and renovated again in 2016.


Riverview Children's Center