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On their debut self-titled disc PLANKTON, an "out of this world" amp; incredible instrumental dual heavy guitar band from Stockholm, Sweden,pushes the envelope of "TOTAL GUITAR" into the "outskirts of infinity" and beyond.

PLANKTON features two amazing gifted guitarists named CHRISTIAN NEPPENSTROM and EMIL FREDHOLM and together, backed by an outstanding rhythm section, otherwise known as the BROTHERS IN GROOVE, have successfully created an incredible heavy guitar work of art in the form of the PLANKTON disc (exclusively available on GROOVEYARD RECORDS.a new label dedicated to top-shelf world-class TOTAL GUITAR music).

Armed with an arsenal of STRATS and MARSHALLS and taking their cue from the classic, retro-bluesy heavy guitar heros of yesterday and today, PLANKTON (meaning HEAVY WOOD) has created their own original and unique brand of instrumental heavy guitar "EARTH BLUES FUSION".

Drawing from a vast pool of musical influences and inspirations, the PLANKTON disc is HIGHLY recommended for fans of HENDRIX (long live jimi.), ROBIN TROWER, FRANK MARINO, ULI JON ROTH, LESLIE WEST, CREAM, GOV'T MULE, TOMMY BOLIN, ERIC JOHNSON, STEVE MORSE, RICHIE BLACKMORE, WISHBONE ASH amp; any other true heavy guitar hero you can think of.

"p"The music of PLANKTON ranges from hard-assed funked-out Hendrix wah-wah land to the deepest vintage Trower to Uli's astral skies to elegantly trippy tones that are "guaranteed to blow your heavy guitar mind".

The PLANKTON disc features 12 awesome instrumental heavy guitar trax that are parallel to none, complete with unique themes revolving around such topics as swedish fairytale giants,levitating in spring, monsoons, groovedawgs in pickadoll land, a strange obsession with the elephantman and taking a humble colossus trip through the universal walkabout.complete with an incredibly brilliant version of TAKE FIVE by the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

The music of PLANKTON is uplifting and inspirational on many levels, and we strongly urge all of the "serious heavy guitar freaks" in guitarland who dig REAL guitar playing to tune into the "PURE HEAVY GUITAR BEAUTY" of PLANKTON.


"The self-titled Grooveyard Records release by Plankton features 12 tracks of instrumental bliss that is good to the earhole..." -- Steve Bauer, Academy Of Shred, 5.23.02


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